It’s hard not to watch news channels all day as the world sees the horrible “reality television” that is Russia’s attack on the Ukraine. So much suffering and death and destruction wrought by a greedy and most likely psychotic dictator (yes, I call him a dictator, not a authoritarian or a strong leader). All to claim a country that has hard-fought for its freedom from Russia, a country the size of American’s Texas.

But, with evil comes good and there is good in the Ukrainian president who is refusing to leave his beloved country. He is a man who is choosing to stay in his country to fight with them, to fight for them. the bravery of the people is astounding, but I suppose many of us don’t know how brave we’d be in such a situation (and I pray we don’t ever need to find out).

Would we lay down our lives for our country as the Ukrainian president is willing to do? As the Ukrainian people are doing? As all the military all over the world sign up for?

I pray for the people of the Ukraine.