Writing as S.M. Arthur/Shirley M. Arthur/ Esmae Watt (non-fiction)

Thanks for visiting my site. I am S.M. Arthur and live in Denver, Colorado (and sometimes Lahaina, Maui HI or Frisco, Colorado).

I went to school in Colorado: University of Colorado (B.S. and M.A. English), worked in the corporate/computer world for many years.

I am a wife, mother, former corporate worker, and writer/reader. Proud mother of two great daughters & NanaGram to 4 “Grands.” Oh, and I’m an unapologetic movie and television buff. I love food and sometimes cooking. Did I say I love Colorado?

I will write about writing, books, movies, animals, travel, the environment & whatever else is a “mystery to me.” I read about politics, but try to stay away from political opinion/argument.

S.m. Arthur

“No matter what you touch and you wish to know about, you end up in a sea of mystery

Henry Miller
Sunrise overlooking Dillon Lake in Frisco, Colorado
One of my fav Bird pics: three baby Great Horned Owls near my home in Denver