30 or even 20 years ago I would not have imagined a world where I could have any knowledge at my fingertips (okay–some of it is totally fake). College papers would have been so much easier (I mean really,how do they make dissertations a challenge if you can use the Internet?).

So, it is both an extremely helpful tool and also a curse. A time waster.

Today, I caught myself looking up “countries where they eat macaroni and cheese.” Why? I’m not sure. Curiosity. Procrastination. I also looking up shoes, dresses that I’ll never wear, houses that celebrities live in, furniture that I don’t need. Nothing depraved.

Although I’m a little embarrassed when my husband walks in on me during my “writing time,” and I’m looking at TMZ. Why am I looking at TMZ? I don’t know who these people are. Nor do I know who the people on People.com are.

A little hit of Dopamine (or so, the articles say). Dopamine can’t hurt right? Unless it steals time from what we’re supposed to be doing.

I love the Internet. Instant knowledge. Used wisely. And in moderation.

I still love a good book. Not only my Kindle, but a good old fashioned paper book.