It’s been happening for years; the changing face of publishing. I recently read an article that stated basically, “nobody reads anymore.”

It’s not true, not really. There is more online reading, more podcast listening, more series television watching (including my own changes in activity).

Genre fiction reading is about the same, if not higher. Sci Fi, romance, mystery, thriller books still sell. People still buy classics, sometimes on a Kindle or other reader, but they’re still being read.

I believe more people are writing books these days, trying to get published with a traditional publisher or self-publishing. Publishing is as always has been a tough undertaking, sometimes better as a hobby than as a career.

Which leads me to the depressing article I read about getting a book published. I believe the title was: Nobody wants to read your book.

Which may be true. But, I still want to write it. It may find a publisher or I may self-publish. But, I’m still writing it.

And, I’m still reading and buying other people’s books.