While procrastinating during my “designation writing hours” in the morning, I happened upon an internet article decrying “the horrible foods Baby Boomers refuse to let go of.”

I confess to being a Baby Boomer, but not to eating or enjoying some of the foods on the list. Some, I still eat, like canned tuna (and, horrors, tuna casserole), canned soup, t.v. dinners (although now, isn’t it just a frozen meal?), and I admit to occasionally cooking with Velveeta. Oh, and I occasionally still make a meatloaf.

I don’t eat Jello much any more, despise Spam (unless eaten in Hawaii). canned meat spreads, fried liver (only made it once), Cool Aid, soda (don’t drink it much). fish sticks.

I’ll only say that food tastes and fads come and go, and they will come and go during Millennial’s lifetimes. Some of it has to do with availability of certain foods (Sushi, for instance was unheard of in the west at least , & hence we Boomers ended up eating fish sticks and canned tuna). Some of it was marketing. What better way to sell canned soup than to provide convenient recipes to women struggling to come up with meals for hungry families? Transportation of foods is better now, travel is more common, production is better for the most part.

That brings me to the point that we should be on the same team, we Boomers and Millennials. We all have something to bring to the metaphorical “table.”

Maybe we should agree or disagree on things like how to spend the government’s money (social programs via Democrats, or weapons and border security via Republicans), women’s rights, jobs, the state of our nation.

On a separate but related note, this very article (that must’ve gotten under my skin more than I thought), stated that Millennials, unlike Boomers, care about the environment, about people other than themselves. I have to say: 1975, Greenpeace Save the Whales (they saved a lot), Save the Trees (ditto), The Peace Corp (yikes, they now require Master’s Degrees to join), rebellion against the Viet Nam War, women’s rights, etc. etc.

Our generations may be more alike than we think?

Granted, a safer discussion territory is food. I seem to take refuge in food myself….I’m going to go make a tuna casserole.