I was asked why I don’t like horror movies and stories, since I like mysteries. There’s a huge difference in the genres to me. While there is an element of mystery in every book and every movie (that what keeps us watching and reading), horror many times involves suspending disbelief about things like zombies and witches and other supernatural creatures. Or, if not that, sheer violence and extreme fear. Not for me.

A little more subtle, is the difference in true-life stories and fiction. I’m drawn to documentaries, particularly those that have an air of mystery. Not so much true crime and mystery that I’ve lived to or watched happen live on television. That’s why I’m not much interested in watching the up-coming movie about former President Clinton and his drama with Monica Lewinsky. Nor did I watch much about 9-11 on the 20th anniversary of that disaster. I lived through it, watched almost every waking minute for a couple of months. I will never forget, but do not want to relive it.

I think we’re all attracted to different kinds of stories, ghost stories, murder mysteries, domestic drama, women-in-jeopardy. There are not rights or wrongs.