My husband recently referred to this year (2020) as the “lost” year; he’s no longer able to conduct his business at the “brick-and-mortar” office, but is fortunate that his employees (fewer than 10 in all) are able to work from home offices. That’s one of the beauties of a software business (he owns and operates KnowWare Intl, which provides software, books and training). We’re all now in a new normal of working from (or trying to) work from home, trying to stay safe while maintaining some kind of normal life, trying not to gain too much weight from our new hobbies of candy-making and/or bread-making, trying out new hobbies and planning for a life hopefully beyond being quarantined.

I have to feel for children and young people (and the parents of those little people), for whom this has become a new frontier of growing up in a world that seems just a little more dangerous.

Maybe this isn’t a lost year, but a “found” year where we find new resourcefulness, new resilience, new hobbies, make life-changing decisions and make new connections.