I recently read a non-fiction book titled: The Bestseller Code (by Archer & Jocker). As I came from a computer background (having worked with computers from in the corporate world for years), the book tickled my curiosity for both technology and books. The premise is that there is a “code” or set of formulas for writing a best-seller, the ultimate goal, it seems that a computer could write a bestseller some day. Why am I reminded of the saying that a million monkeys pounding on a million typewriters can create a bestseller? (I’m too lazy right now to Google it, but the gist is there).

The book is fascinating, a I passed it along to my computer-expert husband & so far he’s interested in the concept too.

The authors have devised a computer program to analyze any manuscript (and, you too can pay to have your manuscript analyzed here https://authors.ai/marlowe/ ). Inexplicably, one of the books used in many of the examples is E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, which it turns out compares favorably with books written by Baldacci (thriller), Patterson (suspense/thrillers), and Jodi Picoult (women’s fiction).

It’s an interesting book.