My DH and I joke about metaphorical “squirrels,” those distractions that keep us from things like writing, finishing tasks and staying on task.

One of our metaphorical squirrels is looking, feeding and watching literal squirrels.

We live in Denver, as does a large population of squirrels (called a “dray” or “scurry” of squirrels in collective names parlance). We enjoy putting out seed for the birds and also seeing the squirrels eat the left-over seed that hits the ground below the feeder. (I have also been known to put out sunflower seeds and other treats for the squirrels).

This is considered a “secret” hobby in my neighborhood, as there are two types of people: those who think squirrels are cute and adorable, and those who think they are vermin. (Okay, they are technically rodents with tails, but . . .)

We enjoy all kinds of wildlife (except possibly snakes and I’m deathly afraid of Mountain Lions), and so I consider this a guilty pleasure. I won’t brag about my squirrel-feeding on our Next Door site, my not even admit to it, and will continue feeding the squirrels.

Good Book: All Creatures, Great and Small (series 1-5) by James Harriott