I confess to watching more television while in quarantine than before. I do have work to do; writing, housework, gardening, etc. Movies and book provide a comfort to me (not guilty, but sometimes guilty).

I currently ordered a couple of William Kreuger books (which I find a little heavy and so only read a bit a day). I ordered Anna Kavan’s book, ICE which is a bit of sci-fy. Of course, my ultimate guilty pleasure books are of the series mystery variety (which I happen to be “trying” to write these day–always learning from what I’ve read).

As for television, my favorites:

  • Good Girls (now on Netflix)
  • Resident Alien (Syfy channel) very funny (if you have a weird sense of humor)
  • Grace & Frankie (waiting for final season)
  • NCIS reruns from season 1/episode 1


  • The Sound of Metal (heartbreaking & very good story about a drummer who loses his hearing)
  • Contagion (very scary now, and is at least 10 years old)
  • Outbreak (also scary and old). Wait–why am I watching pandemic movies?
  • Bird Box (also scary and good)

I refuse to feel guilty about television and movies, however. I try to take every lesson about writing from the scripts, the actors (characters) and the settings and research.