The world seems a little more dangerous (okay, maybe a lot more dangerous), and is changed from the world I grew up in.

I’m trying to make sense of the fact that I was so careless before, so clueless about the importance of constant handwashing, constant use of anti-bacterial wipes, constant binging of moves and t.v. shows (okay–there was no internet and no streaming “back in the day.”)

I grew accustomed to having my husband at home a lot more, adjusting out routine to daily walks (good), more snack food (bad), worry about friends and relatives perhaps getting Covid. We were braver than most though, going out to eat because there was almost nobody in the restaurants (those that were open), and venturing out on two long road trips (Yellowstone & Grand Canyon). These were two of my favorite vacations–though we were previously into river cruises and trips to Hawaii.

Like many, I wonder where the year disappeared, how it lifted like a heavy fog, leaving me wondered if I did enough “real” work during the year, knowing that I worried too much and accomplished too little.

If it happens again, I’ll know what to do. Or, will I?