I’m not quite sure how being vaccinated became a polarized political topic. I’m old enough to remember polio and how we lined up for our sugar cube (what ever happened to that method of vaccine delivery). I remember how relieved our parents were and how they got theirs (after the children were vaccinated). I also remember grieving families who lost their children or whose children ended up on the first type of ventilator (the “iron lung,” which required the sick person to essentially live in a tube that looked like an MRI machine).

I believe in people’s rights to choose whether they get vaccinated and whether they choose for their children to get vaccinated. I believe they should choose based on the science and the facts of vaccination. If they have had a bad reaction to previous vaccinations, then don’t get one, but be safer; wear a mask, stay out of crowds, protect yourself and your family.

I watched a news show (and was immediately sorry) where a man was saying that some cities are going door-to-door to see if someone wants a vaccine. They’re not insisting that the person get vaccinated, they’re just supplying vaccines to areas where they might not be readily available or to people who cannot leave their houses. This particular pundit said that it could be a trick, they could be coming to take your guns away.

I’m tired of polarization and hope we can come together as a country. Let us remember that many of the pundits and politicians who say our freedoms are being taken away (as in freedom to say no to the vaccine), have themselves been vaccinated. Donald and Melania Trump, for instance have been vaccinated (and also received the very best medical care in America when they both came down with Covid before they were vaccinated).

I have my beliefs and I try to respect other’s beliefs.

I believe I’ll get the booster when it comes around. I believe I’ll wear a mask when appropriate or required. I believe I’ll wash my hands more than I once did. I believe we’ll come out of this just fine. And, if vaccines become available for children–that is a good day.