We go to Maui every year (pardon the humble brag), and so check the Maui news often. Yesterday, the headline was: Snow forecast for Maui, but not Denver.

Denver once welcomed its first snow at least by Halloween. 2021 (and 2020) has turned out to be predictably unpredictable. No snow. And, it’s December 7th.

I do read climate crisis news and watch talking heads on news (trying to wean off), and believe that we humans are having a negative impact on our climate. I (and my family) try to do what we can by eliminating waste, considering alternate fuels, using UBER (does that help?) and other things.

How do we know if climate change is causing the distressing lack of snow in Colorado? We won’t, I guess, but hope for snow soon, especially for the ski areas. And, of course, we want enough to fill up Lake Powell again and see the Colorado River rise again.