This is a bit of a humble brag; I found it hard to reboot my writing after returning from an almost 3-week trip to Europe (via one of those scheduled cruises).

It was wonderful and educational. Got to see parts of France that I’d never seen. Some good, some bad. I learned that Europe has many of the same problems we do in the U.S.; crime such as pick-pockets and a few violent episodes (nothing like our gun problems here at home; homelessness (the homeless have tents in Europe too and also prefer to live under bridges).

Once home, aside from jet-lag, I find it hard to restart a project that I’d started or left unfinished. I approach it with a certain dread. Re-reading my work after I’ve been away from it sometimes leaves me frustrated. It’s not good enough. It needs a whole lot of work. I might just pitch it and start over.

I know I’m not the only writer (such as it is) who deals with this.

With the exception of perhaps Stephen King and Danielle Steele, who profess to being able to write through anything. Everything. All at once.