While in France (again, humble brag), I didn’t hear one thing about a shooting or death from gun violence. Not one thing for 3 weeks.

I looked up gun laws for France: “No civilian may carry any weapons in a public place. A special form allows a civilian to apply for a 1-year carry license, which allows them to carry a handgun and a maximum of 50 rounds if they are “exposed to exceptional risks to their life”. In practice, these licenses are only issued to politicians.”

Not sure I would want “only politicians” to have guns, based on current news, but still…

Can we at least look at common sense gun laws for the U.S. With respect to the Second Amendment, was the intent of the amendment that every living person over the age of 18 shall have a gun–even a paramilitary or military-grade rifle?

I tire, as many do, of thinking about finding an exit while in the grocery store or big-box store.

I tire of wondering if it’s safe to go to a sports event, a concert, even a party.

I grew up in rural Colorado, learned to fire a rifle (okay–a 22, but still).

Comment sense anyone?