I have at least 10 books downloaded on Kindle. I usually take this on vaca with me, but our vaca has been thwarted by Covid (hubby) once again. Luckily he tested before we packed for our trip, but just barely.

I have several books in the queue ready to read. I like physical books because it reminds me that they are there to read (as in, turn off the t.v. and read).

Here’s my list:

Death in the off Season (Francine Matthews) mystery

Will Trent mystery (because I’m also watching the series)

Valley Fever (Katherine Taylor) (forgot why I bought this)

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner (for book club)

Lessons in Chemistry (to see if I could recommend to book club)

Secret Life of Bees (because I’ve never read it)

The Maid (because it’s on the bestseller list)

These books should last me for 6 months