When I first started writing, I wasn’t sure what genre I wanted to write in. It’s been a long experiment and I’ve learned a lot not only about writing, but about people, travel, myself and life in general.

I wrote and found a publisher for my first book–a self-help book for teenagers. Shortly after that, I began dabbling in writing fiction. I was confused at first about what kind of book I wanted to write. I’ve always read mysteries of all kinds, but soon found that I didn’t know there were so many sub-genres of mysteries. Cozies. Hard Boiled. Thrillers. Gothic. The list goes on. I knew I would be a lousy romance fiction novelist. I’m more cynical and I like to put things in order, and since I read mystery, that’s how I chose the genre. I admire popular women’s fiction writers and literary writers, and although I love reading those books, I don’t see myself writing one.

I’ve started (and not finished) about four novels. The one I’ve gone public with is Murder On Heartbreak Ranch, which is a series (so far two). In the process of sending my manuscript out for critique or publishing, I got feedback about what kind of book it is. It’s not romance. Not quite a cozy mystery. Not a thriller.

But, it, like many things, is a mystery to me.