I love January, not because it’s usually the coldest month of the year in Colorado, but because the stock show and rodeo comes to town, lead off by a parade of cowboys and dogs herding cattle and horses through the streets of downtown Denver.

This year, I skipped the rodeo and went to the agility dog show. So exciting if you’re a dog lover. Lots of unhealthy food like corn dogs and greasy pizza. Yum. An excuse to go off-diet. Took the grandkids and many of the things they see are new to them. Note: we don’t tell them them that many of the animals are about to be “food.” It’s the circle of life, right? But, it makes you become vegetarian–for a day or maybe a week.

If you’re anywhere near Colorado in January–maybe going skiing in Aspen or Telluride or Vail–stop by the National Western next year.