No longer young (that ship has sailed), retired, semi-retired–how productive should I be? Do I feel I’ve done all I’ve come to this life to do? I have many blessings (I consider my children –2 daughters & grandchildren to be the most important successes of my life), but many of us wonder if we’ve done enough in this life.

I see young people now starting successful businesses at very young ages (under 18, for instance), getting ahead and successful with no college at all (while I thought my only way to success was college). I see young women becoming doctors, surgeons, politicians–when all this didn’t seem possible when I was young.

We’ve entered an exciting and scary new world (at least in America) where young people truly can have it all, do it all. I still believe in the power of education, especially self-education, & I am conversely afraid of the dark corners of the internet, where lies & fables exist to take our young people off-course.

I do think balance is key–I can be productive & still enjoy retirement. I can be proud of my grandchildren, happy for them, hopeful for them–and still worry about their future.

I’m going to be productive now.