What to read? What to write?

I’ve struggled (well, that’s a strong word) all my life to narrow down my reading and writing interests. When I first became a reader at an early age, it was Nancy Drew mysteries (because that was available in the library?), Little Women, and my favorite L ‘Engle’s A Wrinkle in time. Three decidedly different genres: mystery, SyFy and somewhat romance.

As I got older, I read what was on the best sellers list, with a few literary novels thrown in.

Now I read mostly mystery, because that’s what I’m aiming to write.

But lately I’ve found myself drawn more and more to history, Colorado, British and world history.

What I don’t want to do is to abandoned the mystery genre because “It’s too hard.” Is it, or is all writing hard?

I’ve decided that I can meld mystery & history, meanwhile I won’t try to add any more genres (distractions) to the list.

I think with writing as with life, it’s hard to narrow down our interests. What should we focus on? What are we good at? Where do our passions lie?