During Covid quarantine, I’ve struggled (like many others) with completing tasks, avoiding ADHD caused by too-accessible television and internet.

I also have the feeling of having too much time, instead of other times in my life where time was my most scarce commodity. I can do it later. I’ve got plenty of time. I’d rather do this now than what I started out doing.

One thing I noticed is that since I have more time, I want to take my time and do it “right.”

I like Ann Lamott’s book, Bird by Bird where she talks about writing (the title meaning that if you set out to create a bird book, you would do it bird by bird, and not all the birds at once). She also talks about the “shitty first draft” of things. Just get the draft out there and fix it later. Turns out that this can apply to baking, writing, painting, household chores–almost anything that requires a finished product. The thing is, if it’s not perfect, it’s still okay. Just edit it.

Writer and poet GK Chesteron said: “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”

I’ve done many things badly, so I feel very accomplished.