So, the pandemic (2020) brought upon my house a new hobby–bird watching.

DH and I have always had bird-feeders, but during 2020 have started identifying birds visiting the feeders outside our Denver home. Armed with a bird-identifying book, we seen more visitors this year (I don’t think we are imagining it–more birds and more variety).

We’ve seen a flock of Waxwings, a “round” of Robins (thanks collective nouns book) that swarmed a near-by juniper tree, blue jays, a flock of bright yellow Gold Finches, pairs of flickers, Orioles, Grosbeaks and Pine Siskins.

Those were merely birds we’ve seen at our feeders. We are also graced by fly-bys by Red-tail Hawks, nightly visits by Great Horned Owl(s) and Crows.

We have taken down our bird-feeders now that it is nearly summer–we found that keeping it up attracts pigeons–and then foxes and coyotes, and soon we have created an entire eco-system (or rather circle of life).

We have, however, put up Hummingbird feeders–they visit Denver on their way to the “high country” of the Rocky Mountains.

Oh, and there’s the Osprey Cam that I watch during hatching season.

Talk about “binge watching.”